Use Cases

Milo Can be Succesfully Implemented in the Following Industry

Logistics Tracking

Let us enable real time location tracking of your logistic movements. Know where your deliveries have reached while on transit. Let your customers track & engage.

Workforce Monitoring

Dont stay in dark, let us enable efficient transparency in your sales process. Track all your onfield workforce and assign tasks from point to point.

Mileage Tracking

We have created a smart fuelAPI. Know how much you have driven, the expenses it incurred in your vehicle and when you need to refill. All in a touch.

Event Tracking

Let the attendees and organizers stay connected wherever they are, enable public chat, data sharing, location sharing and more. know how many people will be attending, provide live customer support and more


Recent Updates

Chirag Dodiya

Mar 5, 2018

Milo LogiX — Premium Asset Tracking...

Since the early December, we’ve been working on finding a dedicated solution for better and transparent way to enhance the productivity of…

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Chirag Dodiya

Nov 7, 2017

The Curious Case of Building...

In the midst of 2016, Chirag Dodiya (our CEO) had just exited from his previous venture ChefHost (marketplace for chef’s & host’s…

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