Milo Labs

Building Hardware Solutions for the Smarter Tomorrow


A low cost hardware device which prompts content on your mobile when you are within the range of 100mtr-250mtr.


A low power device used for bi directional communication or creates an internal network which connects other Lora devices within the range of 2km in cities & 5km in a line of sight. Only 2 comp in India have this Lora tech including Milo Labs.

Home Automation Kit

A smart kit which controls & manages all the connected switches & devices through a smart phone, voice recognition & remote. Accessible within range & the internet.

Consumer Products

We are creating consumer focused hardware products to make your life simple and interesting. Upcoming projects include Smart Pen - You'll never need a mouse again and a Smart Bag to make your travel fun.


Recent Updates

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Sept 27, 2018

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There is a reason why the worldwide market of vehicle tracking is constantly growing. Namely, vehicle or fleet management allows companie…

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Chirag Dodiya

Mar 5, 2018

Milo LogiX — Premium Asset Tracking...

Since the early December, we’ve been working on finding a dedicated solution for better and transparent way to enhance the productivity of…

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